Leader Wireless Audio ResQ

Audio ResQ allows to detect trapped victims under rubble and then to determine their exact location.

An exceptional sensitivity makes Audio ResQ able to detect the slightest noises or vibrations given by any conscious trapped victim.

Audio ResQ comes with ultra-sensitive seismic sensors plus one intercom probe. Audio ResQ fits itself to use without any preliminary adjustment.

Audio ResQ is provided with adjustable electronic filters which reduce disturbances transmitted by drills, vehicles passing around, rain…

Designed specically for victim search and resque operations

Detect life signs and locate embedded victims

  • Pin-point accuracy with 2, 4 or 6 seismic / acoustic sensors
  • High performance sound transmission
  • Cover width of 150+ feet – 25 foot wire sensors

High performance ergonomic control module

  • Display monitors on each sensor
  • Independent bass / treble filters
  • Exceptional listening quality

Waterproof two-way communication probe

  • Senstive listening microphone
  • Features Push-to-Talk to victim

Technical Specifications

  • Digital Control module equipped with shoulder strap
  • Waterproof connectors color-coded for easy identification
  • Display constantly monitors internal battery level
  • 2 headset sockets
  • Pressure-sensitive switches for on/off, PPT, and control of screen
  • Operating temperatures of -4° – 140°F
  • Storage temperatures of -4° – 158°F
  • Rechagable battery pack
  • Standard running time of 9 hours, recharge time is 2 hours
  • LED indicates deffective battery, charging or charged
  • Interchangable with Visio Search Camera
  • Spare battery box can hold 10 AA batteries each (batteries not supplied)
  • Interchangable with battery pack
  • No tools required
  • high sound definition headset with microphone
  • Noise reduction for clear listening
  • Stereo, with auto-noise level limiter
  • Carrying case included for 2, 4 or 6 sensors
  • Waterproof, rugged and shock-proof
  • Pressure compensation valve