Leader Sentry Movement Monitor

The Leader Sentry Controller alerts Search & Rescue teams engaged in
operation. A harmless laser monitors any slight movement of unsteady buildings
or potentially dangerous mass structures: floors, flooring tiles, poles, pillars,
walls and facades damaged by earthquake, bombings, gas blast…

Provided with 2 x Ni/Mh batteries which allow a 16 hour running time,
Leader Sentry continuously detects any movement.

Set up on a telescopic tripod, Leader Sentry can detect a 5mm move at a
30meter distance. A telescope helps to precisely point Leader Sentry at the
targeted building or unstable structure.

Various potential movements (step from 5mm to 100mm) can be selected.
When occurring, the movement corresponding to the chosen step will activate
an audible alarm.

Detect structural movements

  • Harmless laser monitors minute movement
  • Detects 5mm movement at 6 detection levels
  • Not affected by incidental bird or debris movement

Alert Search & Rescue teams

  • Activation sounds continual loud, high-pitch warning
  • Two batteries provide 8-hour duration each
  • Does not require constant observation

Component Specs

  • Telescope for positioning beam
  • 2 x Ni/Mh rechargeable batteries / 3-hour charge
  • Telescoping Tripod – Aluminum 4.5 feet high – 2.8 feet diameter footprint
  • 12volt charger plug
  • Shockproof transport case
  • Operating temperature: from -4° to 122°F
  • Storage temperature: from -4° to 158°F
  • Weight (inlc. case): 18 lbs