When to use your AC Hotstick

Urban Search & Rescue:

Detection of unknown sources of unshielded and potentially hazardous AC voltages. Verification of proper power disconnect.


Identification of nearby high voltages and dangers from electrical wires during size-up, and after fires, during overhaul and investigations.

Vehicular Extrication:

Quick check of site and vehicle for potential exposure to AC voltage. Verification and monitoring of power disconnect.

Confined Space Rescue:

To verify power shut-off and proper lockout at the entry site and of the machinery and equipment posing hazard through accidental activation.


Avoid dangers of electrical shock or explosion caused by electrical shorts/arcs.

Disaster Operations:

After earthquakes, wind and ice storms or floods, used to identify energized wires on roads or structural parts in collapsed buildings and flooded sites. Quick check of extent of power outage.

Power Restoration:

Warning of energized wires hidden by fallen trees or caused by back-feeding from motor generators.


During plant modification or industrial rescue to prove power disconnect, identify alternate sources or ungrounded machinery.

Trench Rescue:

Locate potential sources of electrical shock during rescue operations.

Law Enforcement:

Detect presence of AC voltage, avoid electrical hazards at accident scenes or during search, prisoner detention, and